Who we are,

AP DP MP Records is an independent record label based in Sacramento, California, that was founded in 2021 by Richard S., who is also known by, OrangeGuyProductions. 

With a passion for electronic/dance music and years of experience producing music, Richard decided to start the label as a way to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to share their music and connect with fans.

Specializing in electronic/dance music with sub-genres like techno and house, AP DP MP Records is dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds in the industry. As an independent label, they distribute, market, and promote music both digitally and physically, as well as provide support and guidance to artists in various aspects of their careers.

AP DP MP Records' focus on nurturing talent has already led to the release of several successful tracks from emerging artists in the electronic/dance music scene. The label's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive music community has also made it a standout in the industry.

With a passion for supporting emerging artists, a commitment to innovation and creativity, and a dedication to inclusivity, AP DP MP Records is poised to make a significant impact in the electronic/dance music industry for years to come.


Fidelity - OrangeGuyProductions

"Fidelity" is the latest upcoming single from OrangeGuyProductions with a relese date of october 30th.

In a comment OrangeGuyProductions with ADMR "I love the art work Audrey made for the single. I'm exited for this upcoming release, It's going to be my second release in 2023. I know the labels releases have slowed but should speed up for 2024"

With hype behind the release, this relese comes with a Dolby Atmos & Hi-resolution files.

Fidelity - OrangeGuyProductions

Releasing under: AP DP MP Records

OCTOBER 30th, 2023

Catolog number: ADMR00053

Preformed by: OrangeGuyProductions

Writen & Produced by: Richard S. Socop

Artwork by: Audrey Durgen
(Instagram @durg3na)

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