OrangeGuyProductions' Hit Track "Pluck" Gets the Vinyl Treatment via AP DP MP Records

AP DP MP Records is thrilled to announce the vinyl release of "Pluck" by electronic music sensation OrangeGuyProductions. Originally unveiled on July 24th, 2022, this enthralling track's popularity has paved the way for its transformation into a vinyl masterpiece. On November 18th, 2022, OrangeGuyProductions took to Instagram to unveil the exciting news of a vinyl edition in collaboration with Kunaki, LLC, a celebrated name in music manufacturing.

"Pluck," with its captivating rhythms and enchanting melodies, is a testament to OrangeGuyProductions' musical prowess. Released via AP DP MP Records, this track has captivated listeners and ignited dance floors, solidifying OrangeGuyProductions' position as a trailblazer in the electronic music scene.

Taking "Pluck" to new heights, OrangeGuyProductions, along with the partnership of Kunaki, LLC, has embarked on the exciting venture of lathe-cutting the track onto vinyl. Side A will feature the "Pluck (Radio Edit)," allowing listeners to experience the track's essence in a shorter yet equally invigorating version. Side B will showcase the extended version of "Pluck," letting the music unfold and envelop the listener in its immersive soundscape.

The vinyl edition of "Pluck" is a testament to OrangeGuyProductions' commitment to delivering exceptional auditory experiences. Masterfully mixed and produced by OrangeGuyProductions himself at The Orange House Recordings, this release reflects the artist's dedication to every sonic nuance.

As part of AP DP MP Records' mission to support emerging talent, "Pluck" is a shining example of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. This vinyl release, made possible through Kunaki, LLC, marks yet another milestone in OrangeGuyProductions' journey and the label's commitment to artists' visions.

The vinyl edition of "Pluck" is now available for pre-order through Kunaki Distribution, offering music enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of electronic music history. This release embodies the dedication and passion that OrangeGuyProductions, AP DP MP Records, and Kunaki, LLC share for delivering unparalleled musical experiences.


Side A: Pluck (Radio Edit)

Side B: Pluck

Distributed By: AP DP MP Records LLC
Manufactured & Distrobuted by: Kunaki, LLC

Published By: AP DP MP Publishing (Brandcast Music Inc.*)

Mixed At: The Orange House Recordings

Mastered At: The Orange HousAe Recordings

Mastered & Mixed by: Richard Steven Socop

Produced & Written byOrangeGuyProductions
C & P AP DP MP Records

(Credits are posted on label)

About OrangeGuyProductions:

OrangeGuyProductions, led by Richard Steven Socop, is a pioneering force in the electronic music landscape. Known for his captivating tracks and intricate production, OrangeGuyProductions has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, capturing the hearts of audiences around the world.

About AP DP MP Records:

AP DP MP Records, founded by Richard Steven Socop (OrangeGuyProductions), is a beacon of support for emerging electronic music artists. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, the label has become a platform for artists to share their unique musical visions.

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C & P AP MP Records/ AP DP MP Records LLC
AP DP MP Records Cat# ADMR00043 

AP DP MP Publishing Cat# ADMP00043

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