March 8th, 2023 


OrangeGuyProductions Unveils Mesmerizing Synthwave Track "I" via AP DP MP Records

AP DP MP Records proudly presents the release of "I," a captivating electronic synthwave track by OrangeGuyProductions. This eagerly awaited composition, inspired by the artist's previous single "pluck" before "hours - EP," is now available on all major streaming platforms, marking a significant step in the evolution of OrangeGuyProductions' music.

"I" is more than just a song; it's an embodiment of creativity that traces its roots back to the summer of 2022. Initially crafted as a demo for an upcoming video game, the track was inspired by a desire to capture the essence of the game's atmosphere. Drawing from the synthwave aesthetic that OrangeGuyProductions had previously explored in the "Hours - EP," "I" offers a fresh take on the genre that's both nostalgic and futuristic.

This captivating track came to life as a result of a serendipitous discovery. As 2023 rolled in, OrangeGuyProductions stumbled upon the "I" demo while cleaning out his computer. This moment of rediscovery breathed new life into the project, allowing the artist to refine and fine-tune the composition before its long-anticipated release.

"I" is not only a testament to OrangeGuyProductions' musical prowess but also a showcase of his skills in production and performance. Written, produced, and performed by OrangeGuyProductions, the track carries his signature style, seamlessly weaving together intricate melodies, pulsating rhythms, and a sense of sonic adventure that transcends time and space.

AP DP MP Records, founded in 2021 by himself, Richard S. Socop, has played an integral role in shaping OrangeGuyProductions' musical journey. Fueled by a passion for electronic and dance music, the label was established with the intention of providing a platform for emerging artists to share their unique voices and connect with audiences worldwide.

Specializing in electronic music, particularly within sub-genres like techno and house, AP DP MP Records has become a symbol of innovation and creativity in the industry. This independent label not only distributes and promotes music digitally and physically but also offers guidance and support to artists at various stages of their careers.

The release of "I" by OrangeGuyProductions is a testament to AP DP MP Records' commitment to fostering artistic growth and pushing the boundaries of musical exploration. This release marks another milestone in the label's journey, as it continues to nurture talent, celebrate diversity, and create a vibrant and inclusive community within the electronic music landscape.

"I" is now available for streaming on all major platforms, and fans are encouraged to follow OrangeGuyProductions on social media for updates on upcoming releases and more.

OrangeGuyProductions - I
UPC: 197188251970 | IRSC: QM4TX2319118


Released via AP DP MP Records

Produced and performed by: OrangeGuyProductions

Written by: Richard S. Socop
Mixed by: Richard S. Socop