OrangeGuyProductions "Fidelity" 

Prepare to be immersed in the sonic world of OrangeGuyProductions as he unveils "Fidelity," his latest single, set to be released on October 30th. The artist recently shared his enthusiasm for this upcoming release, emphasizing his appreciation for the stunning artwork created by Audrey Durgen (Instagram @durg3na). With "Fidelity," OrangeGuyProductions offers a glimpse of his evolving musical journey in 2023, marking his second release of the year.

Audrey's artwork for "Fidelity" is a masterpiece in its own right, intricately weaving visual artistry that complements the music's depth. The cover art is a captivating reflection of the single's emotional and sonic depth, promising to engage not only your ears but also your eyes.

As the anticipation for "Fidelity" continues to grow, listeners can look forward to an enhanced auditory experience. The release will include Dolby Atmos and Hi-resolution files, promising to deliver every note and sound with the utmost clarity and depth.

OrangeGuyProductions' dedication to pushing the boundaries of music is evident in "Fidelity." This single promises to captivate audiences with its artful blend of creativity, precision, and innovation.

Stay tuned for the release of "Fidelity" on October 30th, and join OrangeGuyProductions and AP DP MP Records on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and expands the horizons of electronic music.

(Expect a vinyl release in the near future.)