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"In an unforeseen turn of events, a creative divergence arose between OrangeGuyProductions and me, ultimately leading to my separation in 2023. We both have respect for each other and cherish the time we spent working together on music. However, I have decided to separate.

The news of my departure from the label [AP DP MP Records] has left the team saddened to the news. I am grateful for the support and belief the label had on my talent and abilty to make music, and we part ways with gratitude for the experiences shared and the accomplishments achieved during our time together."

D41K1's Story

Daiki Hiromitsu, also known by his stage name D41K1, is a talented producer and singer who began his music journey in 2016 in Japan. He was born and raised in Japan but moved to the US with his parents. It was in school that he met Richard S., who goes by the name OrangeGuyProductions, and they began making music together.

Their collaboration led to the signing of a record deal with OrangeGuyProductions' independent label, AP DP MP Records, in May 2022. Together they released D41K1's first EP, "Heartbreak EP," which showcased his unique sound and talent as a producer and singer. The EP was well-received by fans and critics alike and helped to establish D41K1 as an emerging artist.

After the success of his EP, D41K1 went on to release his first single, "Patience," which was also released on AP DP MP Records. However, in 2023, a fallout occurred between D41K1 and OrangeGuyProductions, which led to D41K1's departure from the label. The news was disappointing for fans and the AP DP MP Records team, who had supported and believed in D41K1's talent.

In a statement, D41K1 announced that he was no longer interested in creating music and that the fallout had left him disenchanted with the industry. It is uncertain if he will ever return to making music, but fans of D41K1's unique sound and style are hopeful that he will continue to share his talents with the world.